Hotel vs Motel – Difference Between Hotel and Motel

Hotel vs Motel – Difference Between Hotel and Motel

Usually, people have their places of residence (their homes) which may be rented of owned, but when they travel to other places and are not able to return to their homes, then they’d have to seek hospitality in an establishment that offers overnight accommodation services. Usually, there are two main of them hotel or motel. A hotel is typically a big complex for visitors with a lot of rooms and infrastructure, while a motel is a roadside establishment with a small 1-2 floor building and access to the rooms straight from parking.

And knowing what is the difference between a hotel and a motel would help you decide where is most suitable for you to spend your night away from home. So, read on to find more details.

Definition of Motel – So What Is Hotel?

A hotel is defined as a hospitality organization that provides temporal furnished accommodation and other services to customers in exchange for money. Their client base usually consists of tourists, vacationers, or anyone in need of a temporary lodging. Other services available include meals, pools, game rooms, meeting facilities, internet connection, etc. These services vary drastically among such establishments across the industry.

More often than not, establishments of this nature are operated from large secured buildings. It could be multi-storied or a single with several rooms, each of which is furnished to a certain taste. There is also a good number of employees available whose job is to manage the establishment to ensure customer satisfaction.

In comparing motel vs hotel, the latter offers a wide range of luxury services, and as such are costlier. According to experts, the managements target a particular type of customer. The more luxurious services there are, the higher the cost, which means only people of certain financial classes can afford to lodge there.

How long you can lodge depends on what city the establishment is located in. Occupants are typically not allowed to stay lodged for more than 30 days at a time. The customer can check out, and then check in again if he wishes to stay for more than 30 days.

Definition of Motel – So What Is Motel?

A motel is defined as a hospitality establishment designed basically to offer temporal accommodation to customers. One of the most obvious differences between hotel vs motel is in the size of the buildings. In the case of the former, the buildings are typically larger than the latter. In most cases, motels are located near the road, and most of the occupants are travelers and tourists looking for overnight lodgings.

The buildings are less luxurious with just bare necessities and nothing fancy. Customers are likely to access their rooms from the car park after checking in. Be it a hotel or motel, occupants are expected to stay for a limited period, especially in the case of the latter. Because they do not offer extra services and are not keen on luxury, their lodging cost is usually quite affordable.

These days, a lot of these bare necessity establishments offer more than just a temporal lodging to their customers. They offer extra services like food, guest laundry, internet, and pay-tv. They still keep these extra services as decent as possible, but nothing luxurious.

What Is the Main Difference Between Hotel and Motel?

Aside from all that has been mentioned about these two forms of accommodation services, there are other ways you can answer the question – what’s the difference between motel and hotel? The comparison table below shows how motel and hotel differ from each other.

Basis of Comparison Hotels Motels
Definition A service establishment that provides guest lodgings and accommodations for prospects that are willing to pay the required rate An establishment that offers guest lodgings and ample parking space for their customers
Ownership Owned by a branched board of directors that may also deal with other investments Owned by individuals
Luxury Entertainment and extra comfort services available Little to no form of entertainment and comfort services
Room services Always available May or may not be available
Location Usually located in big cities, close to airports, business districts, etc. Usually located in in the outskirt of towns in rural areas with minimal activities

So What Is Hotel and Motel? – Conclusion

These difference between motel and hotel explains how these two organizations differ from one another. The location, type of services offered, cost, and even the forms of ownership are usually not the same.

Knowing these differences will help you make the right choice when you have to. In some cases, it all boils down to what you can afford at the moment. If you are on a budget and you’re in a big city for maybe business, you can still spend the night in a motel if there’s any close to your place of business.