Difference Between California King and King

Difference Between California King and King

What comes to your mind when you hear someone trying to inquire about the difference between California King and King? Well, let’s guess: You will probably be wondering if the US state of California now has a king in place of a governor. The thing is, nothing can be further from the truth. You see, the names are used to describe mattresses. No doubt, these are some of the most sought-after products on the market because they are of premium quality.

Apart from being high-quality materials, users from all over the United States and beyond have learned to rely on the range of products from Sleepopolis, the company manufactures them. At this point, we may assume that you have prior information about them, but you just wish to know more. If that is case, you are reading the right piece because we will walk you through the difference between King and California King, thus helping you make a good pick. But just before we dissect the disparity between them, we will kick off this guide with their individual definitions like we usually do. Now, let’s get started.

Definition of California King

Having come thus far, we must say that there is no doubt at all that you have fallen head over heels in love with the vintage product from New York-based mattress maker, Sleepopolis. So, just before we break down the key difference between a King and California King, it is critical we bring the latter into context as doing so will help you grasp its background information.

Essentially, California King is the name given to a mattress produced by New York-based beddings maker, Sleepopolis. Typically, it has the width of 72 inches, length of 84 inches and surface area of 6,048 inches. Undoubtedly, all these specs and many others earn it the spot as one of the best products on the market today. According to the company, it has lots of benefits but not without some attendant demerits. For instance, it is the perfect one for very tall people. In other words, regardless of your height, you have absolutely nothing to worry as it is just made for your likes. This is because of its length.

Conversely, if you really need to get some accessories and add to it, you have the wrong product. For those who may be confused as what accessories are, these include pillows, box springs, frames, sheets and other related items.

So, while it is perfect to keep your mind fixated on the merit, relegating the demerit to the background will obviously spell doom. Therefore, just before you settle of this, it is crucial that you weigh your options to be sure that you can live with the flaw. That being said, it is important to note that the accessories are readily available. Nevertheless, they are pricey. Well, you will find out that is pretty soon.  

At this point, we can say that you have much of the information that you need about the first item on this list. But just before we explain the size difference between King and California King, we will put the alternative into perspective.

Definition of King

Well, King is a special mattress from the stable of leading beddings maker. According to the specs made available by the company, it is 76-inch wide, 80-inch long and has a surface area of 6,080 square inches. This, the company noted, is specially made for couples who probably have just a baby. Have you noticed that couples, who just have one baby, often sleep with their beautiful baby lying in their middle? Yes, this product is apparently made for such couples in mind.

However, it doesn’t go without noting that this has its own flaw too. The failing is that it is pretty difficult to move. Notice that people do clean up their homes on weekends, don’t you? You won’t have to worry if you engage a cleaner to mop your bedroom for you. But then, if you will have to do it yourself, just keep in mind that you will have a pretty tough time moving this cradle around.

Having come thus far, there is no gainsaying that we have some appreciable progress. You may still wonder: What is the difference between a King and California King? If so, don’t sweat it as we are going to explain all that in detail in no time. We firmly believe that in the end, you will be able to make a good decision for yourself and family.

California King vs King Comparison Table

As we proceed, we have tabulated the size difference between King and California King Comforter. Happy reading!

Basis of Comparison California King King  
Meaning This is the name given to a Sleepopolis-made mattress that measures 72 x 84 inches This is the name given to a Sleepopolis-made mattress that has that the measurement: 76 x 80 inches
Surface Area Its surface area typically covers 6,048 square inches The surface area of this product covers 6,080 sq. inches
Perfect for couple Given the size, this is not ideal for couples Well, this remains your best bet if you are considering having your wife and baby sleep next to you every now and then
Accessories Over the years, this has become very popular in the United States. Consequently, the accessories are readily available but very pricey You may buy not only this, but you can also buy lots of accessories from the sellers as they are affordable  
Room Size This is ideal for your room, especially when you are trying to make-do with space This may not be a great choice as far as room size is concerned due to its dimension
Nicknames Another name for this is Western King   Feel free to call this Eastern King

Conclusion of the Main Difference Between California King vs King

What is the difference between a King and California King? There is no denying the fact that we have convincingly done justice to that question. Just before we wrap up this informative piece, it is critical to shed light on the two products some more. Please note that these beds come in different heights from time to time, depending on the manufacturer. While the sizes we identified above remain the most common ones on the market, it is noteworthy that they may also come in different models and brands. All decisions depend on the maker – yes, the NY-based maker calls all the shots in the interest of the end users.

Are you still unsure of the size difference between King and California King? If so, it is not unexpected. In this case, the right bed to go for banks on a critical factor: space. For instance, if you are a tall person, we strongly recommend you go for latter. On the other hand, you just have to go for the Eastern King if want more space in your bedroom or apartment.

In conclusion, we have explained the key disparity between the two beds in detail just so you can make informed decision. In all this, the aim is to ensure that you enjoy your sleep, make enough provision for your family and maximize the space in your apartment. If you care so much about aesthetics, you should also take the accessories into consideration. Keep in mind that the accessories help to make your bed more comfortable and beautiful.

Therefore, if you wish to settle for a product that will bring out all this, you should go for the standard King. As you already know, the Western King has the cool features, but you have to budget more for it – you already know why that is so. Some of the accessories made for the two brands of bed include sheets, protector, box springs, bed frames, pillows and many more. At this point, you have enough facts to make a good decision. So, you should go ahead and do that at your earliest convenience. Enjoy your sleep!