What’s the Difference Between Ice Cream and Gelato?

What’s the Difference Between Ice Cream and Gelato?

It will not be surprising at all if someone ever asks you that what’s the difference between ice cream and gelato. People usually ignore small dissimilarities among the things which belong to a specific category. The majority of people confuse one thing for another which sometimes might lead to an embarrassing moment if not a disaster.

Apparently same is the case for gelato and ice cream. Still, there are noteworthy dissimilarities that differentiate these sweets. The usage of the various proportion of the same items makes these two tasty deserts very different from each other. We think it’s time that you find the difference between ice cream and gelato.

Definition of Ice Cream

Ice cream is defined as a frozen dessert or snack made from frozen sweetened dairy milk or cream. It comes in different shapes (depending on the freezing container), colors, flavors, and more. Children love it so much and so do adults.

Before it became popular in the nineteenth century, this frozen dessert was a delicacy reserved for the elites in the seventeenth century. It was after the innovation in refrigeration by Frederick McKinley Jones that ice cream grew in popularity. Ice cream manufacturers who owned refrigerators made and distributed it in large quantities at an affordable cost.

People believe there is no difference between ice cream vs gelato because these two have the same basic constituents—milk, cream, and sugar—but that is not true. The difference between the two lies in the proportion of these basic components. The latter uses more milk and less cream compared to the former.

Generally, the base is cooked, cooled, and churned at high speed to incorporate air and increase its volume. At this stage, it is pretty much air-whipped liquid. It is then frozen so it can hold when scooped.

Definition of Gelato

Gelato is defined as a popular frozen dessert of Italian origin made of a certain mixture of dairy products and sugar. When these two, gelato vs ice cream, are compared, it is clear that the basic contents are the same. But like we mentioned earlier, their difference is in the proportion of the contents.

Interestingly, this delicious recipe dates back to as far back as the sixteenth century. In those days, the process involved was pretty much mixing the base components with ice. It was also a special recipe common among the elite until technological advancement took place in the nineteenth century.

Because of other constituents used and the process involved, this frozen dessert is a lot creamier, smoother, and denser than the other. Some may describe it as more elastic and fluid. Typically, the churning process is not heavily employed, if at all, in making this snack, which is why it tends to be denser.

Finally, let us conclude by saying that the gelato, even though it is denser and creamier, is healthier than ice cream. Apparently, it contains less sugar, fat, and calories. It is also served at a lower temperature with a spade as opposed to being scooped.

Ice Cream vs Gelato Comparison Table

Basis of comparisonIce creamGelato
DefinitionA frozen dessert or snack made from frozen sweetened dairy milk or creamA popular frozen dessert of Italian origin made of a certain mixture of dairy products and sugar
Ideal holding temperature0° F10° F to 22° F
ChurningApplied at a faster rateApplied at a slower rate
TextureNot as dense, creamy, soft, or smoothDenser, creamier, softer, and silkier
Calories207 calories per 100 g200 calories per 100 g
Serving styleServed with a scoopServed with a stainless steel paddle
CostRelatively affordableRelatively costlier

Conclusion of the Main Difference Between Ice Cream vs Gelato

All the necessary points are clarified for all the anonymities that come with the question, what is the difference between gelato and ice cream. Gelato uses a higher quantity of milk which clarifies the difference between the sweet snacks. Bring both the desserts side by side and try, it will be clear that gelato is thicker. Ice cream has cream in it which makes it comparatively high-fat dessert.