Difference Between Latitude vs Altitude

Difference Between Latitude vs Altitude

You hear latitude and attitude a lot of times, don’t you? What do they remind you? Perhaps rhymes. Given that the two nouns sound alike, many people find it difficult to tell which is which. If you have the same problem, just keep in mind that you are not alone. Are you one of those still searching, what is the difference between altitude and latitude?

Well, while a Geography student is not likely to have that challenge, we will cannot all come from that background at the same time, can we? With that being said, this guide will take you through their meanings, the difference between latitude and altitude, and everything in-between. First of all, we will kick off this piece with their definitions.

Definition of Latitude

Latitude is a distance that separates a place, object or person that is considered from the north or south of the equator. Well, an equator is an imaginary line that horizontally divides the earth into two equal parts. An equator should not be confused with a Prime Meriden, which, on the other hand, is the line that vertically divides the earth into two equal halves.

This gap is expressed in angles. This is a term used in Geography to show the distance on earth surfaces using the equator as the key measurement compass. The angular distance could fall between ninety-degrees angle is along the South Pole.

While students work out these angles by merely figuring it out, these days, innovative software solution has been developed by IT companies to simplify its calculations. The definition of latitude is only centered on angles. It is often used alongside longitude to determine the accurate location of the place.

Well, Google map typically uses the distance to guide users to locate different places on the map. Every place on the earth has these angles. It shouldn’t be confused with Prime Meriden and the Equator. Just before we look at the difference between altitude and latitude, let’s define the other term.

Definition of Altitude

Here is another term used in Geography to describe distances on planet earth. Altitude is, however, the height of object located somewhere on earth in relation to ground or sea level. This object could just be anything, including a satellite. When they are considered, they are seen as distances or depths and not angles. Apart from Geography, it is also used in aviation, geometry, and a host of other fields. The definition of altitude given above is that of Geography, and there may be differences in other fields.

However, regardless of the definition given, the idea is still the same as it always has to do with the comparison with a distance from the ground or sea. However, in all these fields, there could be minor modifications. For instance, in aviation industry, you could come across a term like true altitude, maintaining the same meaning.

Medical studies show that such heights or 1,500 meters affect human beings living on planet Earth. It is also believed that it is directly proportional to the pressure that exists in the atmosphere. Now, let’s review the difference between latitude and altitude.

Main Differences Between Latitude vs Altitude

Basis of ComparsionLatitudeAltitude
MeaningAngular distance measured in comparison with the equator This is the height or distance of an object placed somewhere on earth measured from sea or ground level
Measurement unitAngles Meters or kilometers
Yardstick for measurement The equator Sea level or ground level

Difference Between Latitude and Altitude: Conclusion

Still struggling to make out latitude vs altitude? We guess not. At this point, we will gradually wrap up this comparison because we strongly that you fully grasp the difference between the two nouns. Basically, altitude and latitude difference is a question that many kids in elementary schools are asked in their examinations. So, you should be surprised if one walks up to you and asks you to explain the two terms as well as differentiate between the two terms.

It’s our conviction that you can comfortably walk the kid through the difference just like we have. Apart from kids in elementary schools, latitude and altitude difference is something that we come across in our everyday life. With this basic explanations that we have given you, you can now go ahead to carry extensive research, most especially as regards their calculations. In truth, the explanations are important more than anything else because before you even talk about walking it out, you have to grasp what they means.