Difference Between Circle vs Sphere

Difference Between Circle vs Sphere

If I draw both shapes side by side on a piece of paper, most folks will think they’re the same. And who can blame them? The two close shape relatives can be confusing at best because of their round forms. What is the difference between circle and sphere? Circle is 2D while sphere is 3D; this is considered the best direct difference between circle and sphere.

Another difference is, only area can be computed for the former while both area, volume can be derived for the latter. There are some basic contrasts and properties that explain dissimilarities between the two shapes.

Definition of Circle

It can be considered as a type of line. There are various properties of a circle; some include centre, circumference, chord and tangent. Circle is various positions with uniform lines in a plane. Radius connects to its centre through lines. You can also define it as an ellipse; whereas, many consider ellipse as a structural form with uniform distances from dual fixed positions.

Circle is an enclosed loop dividing planes into inner and outer territories. You will be correct if you define it as disk-like. When measured through the central, it gives a uniform distance. It is a very divisive form studied across various disciplines like mathematics.

The discovery dates back to a time even before recorded history. Perhaps an argument against this involves the agreement that circles were only properly utilized post-scientific advancement. Coins and cd’s are just some better known samples. Let’s briefly talk about the next.

Definition of Sphere

A sphere is defined as a round 3-dimensional figure with an equidistant radius from every point. This means that the measurement from any point on the outer surface is the same all around. If this is the case, then this figure has multiple radii, which means it consists of multiple circles that are similar. This is one of the differences you get to observe in a sphere vs circle comparison.

Because it is solid and 3-dimensional, this figure has a volume that can be given by the mathematical formula:

V = 4/3(πr2)

Where V is equal to volume; and r is equal to the radius.

The outer surface area of a sphere is given by the formula below:

A = 4πr2

Where A is for area and r is for radius.

Some interesting properties of this solid figure include:

  • It is perfect symmetry, unlike the circle, which is rotational symmetry.
  • Every part of the surface is symmetrically curved. There are no corners or edges.
  • There is just one surface
  • The radii from any point on the surface is exactly the same measurement.
  • It has constant width and circumference

Some examples of a sphere include a tennis ball, basketball, or football.

Main Differences Between Circle vs Sphere

This is a table with main differences between circle and sphere.

Basis of ComparisonCircle Sphere
Definition Various units in a plane with equal lines from a fixed position in 2D spaceVarious points with the same length from a fixed unit in 3D space
Shape 2D 3D
What is it? A figure An object
Difference Only has a surface area   Has area volume
Main Formula Area = πr2 Area = 4πr2 Volume = 4/3(πr2)

These two shapes have been used in various fields and works of life to achieve so many results like experiments, calculations, symbolism and even as everyday objects.

Difference Between Circle vs Sphere: Conclusion

To reiterate, these two are quite similar in the sense that they are symmetrical. But the difference is that one is a solid figure while the other is flat. The solid form is three dimensional, which means it has a volume, unlike the other. Speaking of being symmetrical, a circle has rotational symmetry (which means it looks the same after less than a full rotation) while a sphere is perfect (this means that any two mirrored sides are exactly the same).