Difference Between Catholic and Christian

Difference Between Catholic and Christian

In the world today, there are lots of Christian denominations. If you don’t what that means, they are typically subdivisions of recognized autonomous branch of the faith that seems to have a quite different understandings of the Bible. Well, this started way back in 1517 when the Germany-born professor of theology, Martin Luther, criticized the first church, questioning some of her dogmas.

Well, the rest is history as some of those events led to the disintegration of the once united faith-based organization. Sadly, this has culminated in a common phenomenon: People believe that there is a difference between Catholic and Christian? But are there? Well, we will unravel all that shortly.

Definition of Catholic

The question is that some people ask is, is there any difference between Catholic and Christian? In the time past, former has come under heavy criticisms because it is believed that her teachings run contrary to the Bible. Just before going any further, it is crucial we start with the definition.

A Catholic is someone who believes in the teachings and practices of the Roman Catholic Church, a faith-based organization headquartered in the Vatican City with spread (parishes or dioceses) all over the world. According to 2017 stats, it has over 1.3 billion baptized followers all over the world and has the prestige of being the oldest international institution in the world.

With the Pope at the helm of affairs, it is believed to be the oldest, most organized organization in the world. For years, they have been hauled over the coals with critics saying that they don’t believe in the Bible. However, the organization has made it abundantly clear that it does practice the teachings of the Holy Book – a stance many detractors refused to accept.

Again, what is the difference between Catholic and Christian? Well, you will get to find out if any disparities exist between the two after understanding who the latter is.

Definition of Christian

As we proceed with this engaging piece, no doubt, you now know who a Catholic is. But how about the other one? Do you know who he or she is? Are there any distinctions between the two? Well, you will know all that shortly. First of all, let’s unpack together who he really is.

A Christian is a person who believes in the teachings of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. He has the conviction that Jesus Christ, the Son of God who died and resurrected, will come again to judge the living and the dead. According to the faith, it is not okay for a believer to sin. However, if he does, he or she must pray to ask for God’s forgiveness. In addition to that, they firmly hold that God is everywhere, meaning that they can actually ask for His forgiveness and their sins will be forgiven.

Given that you already know who they are, what is the difference between Catholic and Christian? Well, you will get to know all that from the table below.

Catholic vs Christian Comparison Table

Basis of Comparison Catholic Christian   
Forgiveness They ask for forgiveness of sins through a priest, as it is believed that he is the intercessor between man and God They ask for forgiveness by praying to God without seeking a mediator
Liturgical Items and Sacramental Here, believers use sacramental to worship God. The notable ones are the scapula, grotto, chapel, the Rosary, etc. They neither use sacramental nor liturgical items for their prayers and worships
Resect to Mary They hold Mary, the Mother of Jesus, to high esteem. Well, they call her Virgin MaryMary, the mother of Jesus Christ, is rarely noticed and reverend
Jesus’ siblings They believe that Jesus Christ has no siblings. Hence, Mary, the mother of Jesus, is called Virgin Mary They believe that Jesus has siblings as recorded in Matthew 12:46-50.
Priests The priest, who officiates all the services known as Mass, do not get married. Yes, they swear to oath of celibacy A pastor is the minister in charge of the holy place. However, he is entitled to only one wife
Reverend Sisters Here, while the males become the priests, the females are known as nuns or the reverend sisters Basically, there are no reverend sisters here. A female can also be a pastor

Conclusion of the Main Difference Between Catholic vs Christian

At this point, we have established the difference between Catholic and Christian. Although there may be some disparities, the former is a part of the latter. Yes, the latter has lots of denominations as explained earlier. As a result, Catholicism is just one of the numerous examples.

Today, Pentecostalism has come to mean Christianity, because just anyone can just start a place of worship based on their understanding of God’s Word. However, becoming a Catholic priest involves years of tutelage in seminary school.