Difference Between Bourbon and Whiskey

Difference Between Bourbon and Whiskey

Most of us do not even know when we started drinking alcohol. It was always a binge time when all the friends are together. It may be at the club; or the bar. Some people even party at the cool confines of their homes. Whatever be it, if there is a party, there has to be alcohol.

Most of us have our own choice of the type of alcohol according to our taste buds. Some of us like whiskey; while some of us like rum. Now, some of us like bourbon. Now, some of the people may be wondering what’s the difference between whiskey and bourbon.

Why should we even know that there is a variance between the two? It is good to know as it always helps at the bar or when you are buying from the liquor shop. In case you do not like the taste, you can order accordingly. It will defuse the unnecessary tension once and for all.

We have always tried to ensure that our readers knew the variance between various terms. It may happen that the variation is very small, but people should know that they are unalike. In this article, we will talk about the difference between bourbon and whiskey.

Definition of Bourbon

Bourbon is a form of whiskey that is distilled by using the corn. The mash of the grain must be 51% of corn. For the first part of knowing difference between whiskey and bourbon, we will know more about bourbon. There have been restrictions in the USA regarding the content that is used to make this liquor.

The only additive can be water apart from the yeast that is required to make it. It is also a requirement that the liquor should be at least eighty per cent alcohol as per the volume. The liquor is expected to be stored in charred barrels made of white oak.

Given that there are so many restrictions imposed, the liquor must be suiting all the people’s taste buds. More so for the people who have a sophisticated taste for alcohol. Moreover, the liquor is also aged, and that is two years. No wonder that there are so many people who love it.

Definition of Whiskey

Whiskey is a spirit that is distilled by using some grains. Moving ahead in knowing what’s the difference between bourbon and whiskey, we will now know more about the latter. The producers use different forms of grain to make the spirit. Some of them also use barley, that is malted. The sugars in the grains need to be removed for which they soaked in hot water.

he liquor is distilled, and the age can be of different years. Some of them are even ten years old. Whiskey is known to be of different types; there is the Tennessee Whiskey, the Irish whiskey, and then, there is bourbon. There is a saying that all bourbon is whiskey.

Most people wonder about the difference between whiskey and bourbon taste. Bourbon does taste a little sweeter than most other liquor. But, do people bother about taste when they are enjoying it.

Bourbon vs Whiskey Comparison Table

Let us now look at what is the difference between whiskey and bourbon in tabular form.

Basis of Comparison Bourbon Whiskey
What is the origin? Must be produced in the USA. There is a specific law regarding this It is produced across the world. Different regions can have it named after them
What it is made of?There is a law that the grain has to be made of 51% cornIt is made from various types of grains
Where it is stored? It must be stored in containers made of white oak It is stored in containers made from oak

Conclusion of the Main Difference Between Bourbon vs Whiskey

We have been learning about what is the difference between bourbon and whiskey. We now know that bourbon is a specific type of whiskey and is produced in the USA. There are specific laws governing the production of bourbon. A major requirement is that bourbon is made from a mixture of grains that is 51% corn.

We have taken steps to ensure that our readers can know the variance between the terms. We sincerely look forward to your comments.