What is the Difference Between Syllabus vs Syllabi?

What is the Difference Between Syllabus vs Syllabi?

In a learning environment, you’re most likely to come across certain words and practices that are related to education. For instance, your teachers will usually hand you a study plan/curriculum for a particular course at the beginning of an academic session. This serves as a time table for you to know what is coming up and when, as far as your study is concerned. This study plan is referred to as syllabus or syllabi. Now, what is the difference between syllabus and syllabi?

First, let us define these words, and then we can go ahead and discuss the difference in a comparison table.

Definition of Syllabus

Any document that contains significant information about your academic session for a certain period of time is the definition of syllabus. Ordinarily, one might think it contains just the topics to be discussed in class, but there is more to it.

A syllabus is usually well detailed information of the biography and the contact information of the instructor, as well as his or her qualifications. It also shows the goals and relevance of the course, a brief summary of what the course is about (known as the course description), a list of resources needed for the course, assignments, grading policies, and so on.

Definition of Syllabi

Most of the time, you have more than one course plan because you’re bound to take more than just one course. When you have two or more curriculum of different courses, then you’re dealing with syllabi.

The definition of syllabi is a collection of a set of study plans for a stipulated period of academic session. Syllabi is simply the plural form of syllabus.

Main Differences Between Syllabus vs Syllabi

Let us now take a look at the differences between both these terms.

Basis of ComparisonSyllabusSyllabi
Definition A well detailed information of the biography, qualifications, and contact information of the instructor. It also shows the goals, relevance of the course, course description, resources needed, assignments, grading policies, and so onA collection of a set of study plans for a stipulated period of academic session. It is basically two or more syllabus put together
Number of instructorsAt least one instructor since it’s just one courseTwo or more instructors depending on how many study plans in question
ApplicationApplies to only one courseApplies to two or more courses

Difference Between Syllabus and Syllabi: Conclusion

As you can see, the basic differences between both these terms relate to their number. In syllabus vs syllabi, the first is in a singular form, and the later is the plural form.

Aside from every other thing that has been mentioned in this post, you may also need to know that the university policies are a huge part of every study plan. In most cases, it is stated what penalty one may have to face when found guilty of an academic crime.