What is the Difference Between Inches vs Feet?

What is the Difference Between Inches vs Feet?

You’ll be surprised how many people aren’t sure about the difference between inches and feet. Although we see it in our textbooks in school, we tend to forget over time of what does what. These days, we have Google to thank for giving us the correct measurements with the click of a cursor. Google’s trends show that two major regions have searched for “What is the difference between inches and feet?” over the past year. These include the United States and India along with Burma. The following information will make it all clear for you.

Definition of Inch

The definition of an inch comes from the Latin word ‘Uncia’ meaning ‘one twelfth’. An inch is a unit of measurement that is used throughout the world. Its origins may be Latin but it was the British who have helped spread it through many channels.

It is most recognized in the British Imperial system used worldwide especially in the old colonies. Apart from that, the unit of measurement is also included in the US customary system.

Definition of Feet

The definition of foot or feet (plural) has a long history that goes back to the Greeks and Romans to the present day. A feet is comprised of 12 inches and the Latin word for feet (ft) is ‘Pes Mannualis’ which is about 33.3cm in length.

It is used today in the British Imperial system and US customary system. History tells that the correct measurement pf the foot was given by the left foot of an Englishman, but it dates back thousands of years before the time of the Egyptian Pharaohs.

Main Differences Between Inches vs Feet

Inches Feet
12 Inches equals 1 Foot 1 Foot equals 12 Inches
Used in electronic parts Industry Used to measure alleviation (eg. how tall a mountain is)
Used to measure smaller objects and materials Used to measure larger objects and materials
Abbreviations = inch Abbreviation = ft
1 Inch equals 2.54 Centimeters 1 Foot equals 30.48 Centimeters
1 Inch equals 0.0254 Centimeters 1 Foot equals 0.3048 Meters

Conclusion of the Main Difference Between Inch vs Feet

The difference in inches and feet is mainly due to the length for which they are used. The other main reason between inches vs feet would be the way each one is used to measure different objects in different industries. Both units of measurement are useful in different situations and the person concerned is best able to determine which unit of measurement is most appropriate for the task at hand.

With these units of measurement, we can build, create, shape and even mold our creations precisely in the right place. Units of measurement help humanity to create symmetry between the objects we build around the world. They are the sole reason the Egyptians were able to build structures that have lasted to the present day and the three Pyramids of Giza are a wonder of the world.