What is the Difference Between EMS vs DHL Shipping?

What is the Difference Between EMS vs DHL Shipping?

What is the difference between EMS and DHL Shipping? Nowadays, web shopping is undeniably a convenient way of acquiring goods. This is in addition to the fact that industries now operate globally and are capable of sending products from one country to another if need be. Of course, there are also a lot of individuals who live or work across borders and would need to send items to their loved ones who live far from their place of residence or assignment.

Logistics companies are more in demand than ever before. This is in addition to the fact that people always want the fastest way to receive their posts. In this article, the two fastest shipping methods will be differentiated.

Definition of EMS Shipping

What is the definition of EMS shipping? EMS stands for Express Mail Shipping. The definition of EMS shipping is to have your items delivered, by express, by a postal subsidiary. EMS shipping is provided by a Swiss international postal express mail service. It covers both merchandise and paperwork and is operated by the Universal Postal Union (UPU).

Its administrators created the EMS cooperative within the framework of the Universal Postal Union (UPU). The mail is proud to offer a convenient priority express delivery service to more than 180 nations worldwide. It delivers approximately 8 million items every week.

Definition of DHL Shipping

What is DHL shipping, and what is the definition of DHL shipping? DHL stands for Dalsey, Hillblom, and Lynn, and it is named after the initiators of DHL Worldwide Express. DHL shipping is operated by this Dutch postal giant, which employs around 550 employees locally and internationally and serves 220 countries.

Their goal is to remain the best postal service provider in Germany and the most outstanding package-handling enterprise in the world. They transport 1.5 billion packages every year. The definition of DHL shipping is to have the shipment transported by DHL, one of the world’s leading logistics enterprises.

Main Differences Between EMS vs DHL Shipping

What do these giants have in common? They both provide accelerated shipping. They’re both of European origin. Both of their shipping prices also differ per country.

Aside from their country of origin, how do EMS and DHL shipping differ? To start with, DHL has a wider coverage than EMS as it delivers to 220 countries. DHL tracking numbers are composed of 10 numbers, EMS’ is composed of 13 digits and starts with two letters followed by 11 numbers. It is also said that DHL offers a better and more responsive client assistance.

In terms of pricing, one is a better choice than its competitor depending on the shipment weight. For packages with a higher volume but lighter load, EMS costs less. For those with a smaller volume but heavier load, DHL is the better option. Taxes are likely to be higher with DHL due to its commerciality, but it provides greater stability and more reliable shipment tracing than EMS.

Nevertheless, with EMS’ postal service connection, parcels shipped through them will encounter fewer customs issues. However, DHL’s website is more user-friendly and informative than EMS’s website. Below you will find the EMS and DHL Comparison Table for a better visualization:

Basis of ComparisonEMSDHL
Scope (Countries)180220
Tracking numbers (digits)1310
Client AidStandardFaster and more responsive
PricingCheaper with lighter, high volume packagesCheaper with heavier, low-volume packages
Custom clearanceEasierStricter (due to commerciality)
WebsiteStandardUser-friendly, informative

Conclusion of the Main Difference Between EMS vs DHL Shipping

It is crucial to ensure the security of your most valuable assets. You also need to trust that they will arrive intact and be received on time. EMS and DHL are equally reliable in giving you these guarantees, and the data on the difference of EMS vs DHL shipping should help you make the right choice.