Difference Between Urban and Rural

Difference Between Urban and Rural

When you are on a long ride with your partner on a beautiful day, you come across a beautiful hilly region. Here you will find only a few houses that are scattered around the village. When you stop and look around, people have an easy and slow life and are peaceful in their small world. This is basically a rural area.

On your long drive, you may come across a very busy city. Here you will find a high number of people who are in a hurry all the time. If you stop by and look around, you will find scores of people moving around, a lot of vehicle congestion, and no one has two minutes to talk to you. Then, consider that you have arrived in an urban area.

This is how you mainly define rural and urban. However, you cannot ignore the urban and rural difference that you must definitely know about when you are traveling.

Some of us who love to roam around the world should know what is the difference between urban and rural. This will help us find what we are looking for during our trip.

Let us dig into the main difference between urban and rural. But first, let’s see what is urban and rural. Because when you visit any new settlement, you must be in a position to tell the difference.

Definition of Urban

Urban defines a locality where you are sure to find a lot of industrialized and highly urbanized areas. Wherever you go, you will find so many people who say that this type of areas is highly populous. Generally, cities and towns fall into this kind of category.

As you go into the heart of a city or a town, you will find less and less natural structures and more and more humanoid ones. There are so many infrastructures that can provide jobs. For this reason, you will find that the employment rate is reasonably high.

When you are in this locality, you will find that you get the best quality for education, healthcare, entertainment, transportation, and other facilities. Similarly, you will also find that this is the area that contributes to global warming with its polluted environment.

Definition of Rural

Rural defines regions where you will find small settlement on the outskirts. This type of settlement is quite different than the former type.

In rural areas, you will find less and less people roaming around the streets. Nature is more present because there is not much humanoid intervention. If you want to know which localities fall into this category, it is villages and hamlets. If you visit some countryside, you will find a similar atmosphere.

You will find that most of the people engage themselves in farming or cottage industries. There are two very important sources of revenue for most of the humans residing in these peaceful regions.

Since this area is so close to Mother Nature, you will find it less polluted and more peaceful.

Urban vs Rural Comparison Table

When you move from one area to another, never confuse the type of settlement again. Look at this table and see all the difference between rural and urban areas.

Basis of ComparisonUrban Rural
Examples Cities, towns Village, hamlets, countryside
Lifestyle Fast, complicated Simple
Environment Urbanized and industrialized Close to nature
Population High Low
Development Planned Random

Conclusion of Main Difference Between Urban vs Rural

Becoming a nomad is great but one must always be equipped with the information on what does urban and rural mean. If, on your ‘voyage’, you come across a place where you feel close to nature, where homes are scattered in a less orderly fashion, or where there are fewer people around, then you are in a rural region.

However, if you come to a place where there are too many people choking you, and you find it is overcrowded, then you are in an urban area. There are a lot of man-made areas, homes, workspace, a lot of job opportunities, but at the same time, it is polluted.

These are basically the urban and rural definitions. And when you think of what is the difference between rural and urban, it is mainly about the way they are built up.