Difference Between TO and CC

Difference Between TO and CC

Sending and receiving electronic messages is a big deal in many industries. One might think that electronic mails must have become obsolete as a result of technological advancements, but modern mobile applications and social media are just not good enough. Speaking of which, one of the biggest issues many ask is “what’s the difference between cc and to?”

Normally, it’s okay to send multiple messages to a group of persons and that would not be a problem because all those for whom it is intended will get it. But office work demands that you observe the difference between cc and to. We’ll explain this difference between to and cc using their definitions as well as a comparison table.

Definition of TO

When an instruction is given to a team of workers, not everyone is expected to take action in response to the info. Some persons (the main receivers) are expected to reply either in words or action, and some others are expected to simply be informed. The “to field” is for the main recipients of the information.

The “definition of to” is a field meant to contain the address(es) of the main recipient(s) of a memo. As already mentioned, this field refers to those who are required to take action with respect to particular information. To is more common, especially in informal interactions. Note that if you do not fill out this section, the message you’re trying to send will not go through.

Definition of CC

CC is another field you’ll come across when writing an email; it is located right below the “to” field. You can go ahead and send your message without having to fill out this section. But sometimes, you are required to fill out this section.

The definition of cc is more or less a field to place the address of those who should have a copy of the information but are not the main recipients. In most cases, they are not expected to reply or take any immediate action on the information sent.

TO vs CC Comparsion Table

Here is a table with the main differences between these two fields.

Basis of ComparisonTO CC
Definition A field meant to contain the contacts of the main recipients An area for you to place the contacts of those who should have a copy of the message but are not the main recipients. CC is an acronym for carbon copy
Recipients’ reaction Expected that the necessary steps will be taken in most cases Expected to take note of the message that was sent
Instances Used to direct a message to the main recipient Can be used when requesting a time off from your work but need human resource to know about this for record purposes

Conclusion of the Main Difference Between TO vs CC

So, that is the difference between these fields, especially the formal ones. One more thing you should know about to vs cc is that every recipient gets a copy of the reply, if there’s one.