Difference Between Title and Deed

Difference Between Title and Deed

How many of us have ever wished for a place to stay? If one of us had, we should have come across those conditions. We have always considered them identical and used them interchangeably. However, these terms have different meanings. So, is title and deed the same thing?

There has always been a misconception among us that these terms have the same meaning. We have to know that they do not mean the same so that we do not make mistakes in our dealings. All lawyers will be able to tell anyone that there is a difference between a deed and a title. So, if you are not familiar with these terms, it is best to talk to a lawyer. He/She will be able to point out the difference in meaning to you. Lawyers are the experts in this area. These are separate concepts. Still, if someone wishes to know the difference between title and deed, they can read this blog. In this blog, we will try to understand what is the difference between title and deed.

Definition of Title

Let us now talk about the title. It is the document that shows who the owners of a land are. It is the proof that anyone has rights over some land. The persons may have received the estate through their family or through anyone who granted them ownership. They may also have bought the estate. It provides anyone the privileges to use the property as they see fit. They can also sell the property. It allows the identity of the owner of the estate to be known.  

Definition of Deed

One part about the difference between deed and title is done; let us now talk about a deed. It is the document detailing the transmission of an estate. The complete details about the purchaser and the provider must be mentioned. We all should know that a deed needs to be written down. Moreover, the provider must be authorized to sell the estate, while the buyer should be able to buy the property.

It has to be signed on both sides. There are different types of deeds and they can also be private. It is an important document for anyone owning a house. Such papers need to be presented in court or to anyone acting on behalf of the authorities when the need arises. Since they are legal documents, anyone should consult a lawyer before executing them.

Title vs Deed Comparison Table

Let us look into the difference between a title and a deed in a tabular form.

Basis of Comparison Title Deed
What is means It is a set of information stating that you have the right to own It only confirms everyone’s rights as owner
What is the need It shows your place in legal terms It shows that rights have been transferred to someone else
Use It shows you are able to use the estate as you like It is a way to shift the ownership
In writing? Can also be in intangible terms Has to be in written terms
Signatures May not be signed Needs to be signed
Selling of property You can use it to sell your estate You cannot sell the estate using it

Conclusion of the Main Difference Between Title vs Deed

We discussed in detail the difference between a deed and a title. While the title shows the person owning an estate; the deed shows the transfer of ownership of any estate between the purchaser and the provider. While the title can only be a summary; the deed must be written and signed by all persons involved.

These papers show your position in legal terms regarding a property. They indicate whether you can be considered the owner of that estate. As they are very important papers, everyone should always seek the help of a lawyer to obtain these papers.

We have discussed in detail the difference between deed and title. We also know that these are very sensitive documents and we should know what they are. We sincerely hope that the readers can discern the difference between these terms. We look forward to your comments.