Difference Between Quid vs Pound

Difference Between Quid vs Pound

Today we’re going to cover the difference between quid and pound so that you can fully separate the two words. They’re often used interchangeably due to the fact that they are both essentially one and the same, but this is where some of the confusion comes from when we look into this subject.

By providing you with the exact definition of each word in conjunction with a quick reference table that highlights the key variations between them, you’ll walk away from our post today with a full understanding of what they mean and how to effectively use them. Ready to put this word debate to rest and start using these terms confidently as part of written and spoken language? Let’s get to it…

Definition of Quid

Quid is: “A slang word used to replace the word pound but with the same meaning.”

Though the word quid probably sounds made up when we compare it to the base word that it represents, it has deeply historic origins that link to early Latin language, specifically the phrase “quid pro quo,” which translates to “something for something.”

If we’re asking the question what is a quid vs a pound, then we’re probably expecting them to somehow be different, but this absolutely isn’t the case. Given the historic roots of both words, they’re both valid terms in their own right.

The real difference lies in the fact that the official currency of Great Britain is known as the British pound. This means that any other word used to describe a British pound is categorically unofficial and therefore a replacement or slang word.

This is the case with the word quid. As it is used to “stand in” for the word pound when placed as part of a sentence structure, this by default means that it is a slang word due to it not being recognised as the official word for British currency.

However, when used as part of free flowing conversation, you’ll find that it’s entirely appropriate and contextually acceptable to use either word if you’re referring to British currency. There is no difference between quid vs pound other than one word being “official” and the other being slang.

Definition of Pound

Pound is: “The official currency of Great Britain, also known as the British pound or GBP in abbreviated form.”

The above definition also reveals another slang variation of the British Pound in the form of the GBP abbreviation, which is also commonly used. The term “quid” falls into the same bracket and is used as a stand-in in much the same way.

It’s worth noting that though the separation line between quid vs pounds is definitely thin, you wouldn’t realistically be expected to use both, nor would it be appropriate to use the term quid on any official documentation referencing British currency.

The only official way to describe British currency is through using the term British pound. The term quid is only appropriate when used in a casual context to describe this currency type but would not be appropriate for use as part of any official document or writing in reference to this subject.

Main Differences Between Quid vs Pound

In this section, we’re going to highlight the key differences between these two words with a quick reference table that you can come back to any time you find yourself lost about this subject for a memory refresh.

Basis of ComparisonQuidPound
DefinitionA slang word for the British poundAn official term for the British pound
UsesTo describe British currencyTo describe British currency
Derived fromThe Latin phrase “quid pro quo”The Latin word “libra”
Other associated wordsNo other associated wordsSterling, pound sterling, GBP

Difference Between Quid and Pound: Conclusion

After reading through today’s post we hope that you now feel completely relaxed about using either of these words in relation to British currency. The easiest way to remember the two is to say that a pound is an official word and a quid is a casual word both directly meaning British currency. Other than that, there is no difference.