Difference Between Make vs Model

Difference Between Make vs Model

You will see many examples of different makes in the car industry, where the “badge” on the car represents a make. The number or other name on the back bumper of the car is typically the model name. Model names are usually smaller and placed somewhere a little more low key on the body of an object, item, or product. So, what is the difference between make and model?

You will encounter real-life examples of both of these words everywhere from your kitchen at home to your local grocery store. They frequently get mistaken for one another, but they actually relate to totally different aspects of a product or item being sold by a retailer.

We will now break down the make vs model debate in a little more detail and get to the bottom of exactly what each one looks like in the real world. It will all shortly make more sense to you.

Definition of Make

A make is a trade name or a manufacturer of a product. For instance, the name on a car badge would be the name of the manufacturer. Popular vehicle makes include Toyota, Volkswagen, Honda, and Hyundai.

Try to picture a fast food restaurant too. The name of the restaurant or brand is the make, which is not the same as the product you buy from the brand. If you were buying a burger variety, it would be a product type or model.

It is important to understand that the name of the shop or outlet that you are buying a particular item from is the make. It definitely is not a model, however. To help us highlight the difference between make and model a little more effectively, let’s now look at the definition of model.

Definition of Model

A model is a design or a particular version of a product. Taking the previous restaurant example to help in forming our explanation, we can easily see some effective real-world examples of different designs or models in the form of items on a fast food menu.

Each individual product is a model. This is in the same way that different cars are also model varieties too. The difference between make and model then mainly lies in the fact that a model is an object or something that has been produced by a make. But a make is not a product that has been created to sell. Instead, it is a platform used by a company to sell either one or several models.

Main Differences Between Make vs Model

We will now sum up the difference between model and make in an easy-to-read table. You can come back to it if you have any questions about the subject again in the future.

Basis of ComparisonModelMake
MeaningAn item or series of items produced by a makeA brand or manufacturer name
VersionsCan be several models or versions of a modelUsually only one make selling a series of particular models
Real-world examplesiPad, Airblade, Punto, iPhone, AirMax trainersFiat, Dyson, Bosch, Nike, Apple
Visual differencesA model is usually either one or several names for a product, but it can also be a numberA make is always a name

Difference Between Make and Model: Conclusion

With all of the information we have covered, you should now have everything you need to understand the key areas where the two words differ. Remember, you can easily summarise them with the following sentence. A make is a brand that creates products, whereas a model is a product produced by a make. This is probably the easiest way to describe the two words in a simple fashion.