Difference Between Knowledge vs Wisdom

Difference Between Knowledge vs Wisdom

Having a car is entirely different from driving it. This is exactly the same case with learning about a thing and applying what you have learned in real-life situations to help you solve a problem. They are two different situations that can be likened to the difference between knowledge and wisdom.

When you go to school, for instance, you are there to learn about life and how to solve problems for yourself and society at large. After school, you are expected to get a job or start a business of your own where you can apply all that you have learned in school so far to solve problems and probably make some money from it.

Definition of Knowledge

Knowledge is defined as the state of understanding or being aware of a subject, thing, or person. It deals with the collection of information or experience about a particular subject.

To be properly knowledgeable about a subject, you would have to go through a learning curve which may involve observation, investigation, studying, research, and experience. It involves the use of the mind and a level of exertion to achieve. This, to a great extent, involves determination, without which a person may lack interest in a subject.

Learning is a constant thing in life, but it is most distinguished in schools where students are provided with the opportunity to gain a wide base of important knowledge that would help them become valuable members of any society they find themselves in. It is worth mentioning, at this point, that one difference between wisdom and knowledge in these modern days can be likened to technology.

People learn online with their laptops or phones without having to go to school environments thanks to technology. One can get a valid and reliable degree certificate after enrolling and meeting the required prerequisite of an online course.

Definition of Wisdom

Wisdom is defined as the ability to apply certain information at the right time to come up with a favorable outcome. It can also be defined as a state of being wise and having the power and willingness to make the best decision for a situation.

Being wise requires learning, which can take place in a school, or anywhere at all, and then applying what has been learned for the betterment of a situation. It is wider than learning and can be associated with a person’s ability to think and act. Unlike in learning where one is expected to remember what has been taught, being wise requires more than remembering, but putting it into practice.

To answer the question what is the difference between knowledge and wisdom, it may be a little tricky since they have similar meanings. But taking a look at their synonyms would help to clear things up a bit.

Main Differences Between Knowledge vs Wisdom

Perspective is another factor that comes to play when comparing these terms. This is why both terms are regarded as synonyms. Putting knowledge vs wisdom side by side in a tabular form will easily show how these terms are different from each other as well as how they may be similar.

Basis of Comparison KnowledgeWisdom
Definition Information that can be learned and experienced with the help of the five human senses – touch, hearing, sight, smell, and taste The ability to apply certain information at the right time in order to come up with a favorable outcome
Identified asGaining organized informationApplying information
Results toComprehensionJudgment
ApproachTheoretical Spiritual

Difference Between Knowledge and Wisdom: Conclusion

The question “what is the difference between wisdom and knowledge” should not be much of a problem to you at this point, if at all. The saying goes – knowledge is power – but with all that we have disclosed over the course of this piece, it is obvious that there would be no power if knowledge is not applied.

It is important to keep learning to keep the mind active and well-equipped to handle different situations. Having diverse knowledge is a great way to stand out. Applying what you know, on the other hand, is a guaranteed way to survive.