Difference Between King vs Queen Size Bed

Difference Between King vs Queen Size Bed

A couple things to take into consideration when choosing a bed are quality and size. Talking about size, there are quite a lot of different measurements available. The two most common are referred to as the king size bed and the queen size bed.

From what we have gathered, a lot of people find it difficult to decipher the difference between king and queen size bed, which is quite understandable considering that both of them are somewhat similar. We are going to compare them and do our best to explain how they differ from one another.

Definition of King Size Bed

A king size bed is a bed that measures 80 inches by 76 inches as its standard size. It is one of the biggest bed measurements on the market, offering more space and comfort than alternatives. This means two people can comfortably sleep on it with space to spare. Basically, this bed type is suitable for a couple that needs maximum personal sleeping space.

Aside from the measurements, there are other features of this type of bed.

  • This mattress requires a sizable room to accommodate it. It is important to consider the size of your room if you want to get this size of mattress.
  • When it comes to comfort, sleeping alone on the king size bed is undoubtedly overkill. You will get all the comfort you need as far as size is concerned and even more.
  • Because it is quite sizable, it requires more raw materials and time to make compared to others that are not as large. It is also more difficult to ship. On that note, it is costlier than smaller ones.
  • The frame for the king size mattress is not your regular frame. It should be a rectangular structure alright, but it must have additional center leg support for good balance.

Definition of Queen Size Bed

A queen size bed is a bed that measures 80 inches by 60 inches. The difference between queen and king size bed can be seen in their dimensions. It is bigger than the full size bed and is considered most suitable for a couple that wants a reasonable level of comfort while sharing a sleeping space with each other.

  • As you can see from the measurements, this size is smaller than the king size. This means it does not take up as much space, but you will still need a sufficient area for it.
  • You can also get a reasonable level of comfort with this mattress even if you share it with another person. Sharing it with another means both of you will get 80 inches by 30 inches of equal space, which is ideal.
  • The level of comfort you get with this bed is not bad either especially if you are sleeping on it alone.
  • It is more affordable than the king size but costlier than any other smaller sizes.

Main Differences Between King vs Queen Size Bed

In this section, we have a table to compare queen vs king size and explain their distinct variations. From these comparisons, you will be able to tell which of the two is most suitable for you.

Basis of Comparison King SizeQueen Size
Definition A bed that measures 80 inches by 76 inches for the standard size A bed that measures 80 inches by 60 inches
SuitabilityVery suitable for two sleepersVery suitable for one sleeper and just suitable for two
ComfortHighly comfortable for two and allows 80 by 38 inches of sleeping space per personFairly comfortable and allows 80 by 30 inches of sleeping space per person
CostNot as affordable compared to smaller sizesMore affordable than the king size

Differences Between King and Queen Size Bed: Conclusion

So far, we have explained the queen vs king size variations as they relate to dimensions, cost, comfort, required floor space, and the number of sleepers. As different as they may be, they also have some similarities like their length. Both are 80 inches in length. Another similarity is that both can accommodate more than one sleeper at a time.