Difference Between Its and It’s

Difference Between Its and It’s

In English language, you’re bound to come across two words (or more) that sound alike but have different spellings and meanings. Sometimes, these words are so similar that people find it hard to tell them apart. For instance, what is the difference between its and it’s? Honestly, a lot of people don’t know.

Some people think these two words have the same meaning, some others know the meaning but they forget to use them correctly sometimes, and there is another set of people that couldn’t care less if there is a difference between its and it’s. Our guess is that you care about the difference between its and it’s, and that is why you are here. So, here goes.

Definition of Its

Let’s start with the one without punctuation. In this case, all you have to think is possessiveness; belonging to a person, a place, an animal, or a non-living thing. You can define “its” as the possessive form of “it”.

Let’s look at some examples to help make more sense:

  • He came along with his phone and its accessories
  • The house interior looks more beautiful than its exterior
  • A baby’s genes depends a whole lot on its parents
  • Paris had its fashion show last week
  • Its memory will always be with me forever
  • The table is too small for its owner
  • Do not take a drug that is past its expiration date

Definition of It’s

These days, people use shorthand forms of writings, especially on social media. They use terms like LOL, XO, BAE, BFF, and so on. All these acronyms are just to make it easier to read and write faster. In the same manner, “it’s” is simply a contraction form/an easier way of writing “it is”.

Here are some examples to drive home the definition:

  • It’s my fault that the cat ran away
  • It’s going to be a great weekend
  • I love to sing; it’s my passion
  • It’s an easy task to deal with
  • Better get some warm clothes on because it’s cold outside
  • I can’t find my car in the garage! It’s gone
  • It’s with joyful hearts that we invite you to our graduation ceremony

Its vs It’s Comparison Table

The following table is a reply the question – “whats the difference between its and it’s?”

Basis of ComparisonItsIt’s
Definition The possessive form of “it” representing ownership of an objectA contraction form/an easier way of writing “it is”
PunctuationHas no punctuationHas punctuation – apostrophe
Derivative/originNot derived from any other word. It is an original word on its ownDerived from the words “it is”
Determiner An attributive adjectiveA contraction

Conclusion of the Main Difference Between Its vs It’s

So far, we’ve tried to cover the difference between these words with examples. Now you know what to say if you’re asked; what’s the difference between its and it’s? You probably have to practice and come up with your own examples in writing to help you remember the correct way to use them.