Difference Between Humanities vs Social Science

Difference Between Humanities vs Social Science

According to science, the earliest sign of human existence can be traced to as far back as over five million years ago. Since then, there has been immense development, an increase in numbers, and a lot of division, which all gave rise to different communities as we know them today.

The existence of humans and how we relate to others is still very much being studied today from various perspectives, some of which are understandably confusing. In this post, we will conduct a humanities vs social sciences comparison. These concepts relate to aspects of human behavior and its effects in society.

Definition of Humanities

Humanities can be defined as a field of study that deals with human behavior analytically with regard to factors like custom, heritage, and culture of the society in question. It can also be defined as a sub-classification of science that deals with the distinct learning concerned with the way of life of a people.

This study is said to have officially begun in ancient Greece. In the fifteenth century, it was further expanded by a group of people referred to as Renaissance scholars. They were known to play an essential part in popularizing a revival of classical learning and classical wisdom.

The aim is to understand as many behavioral features of different communities in the past as possible and how they can affect people of the same community in the present day and the future.

Scholars have employed critical, rational, and hypothetical methods in studying these concepts. The outline of this study can be summarized as the historical and current happenings of humankind and the surrounding world.

Definition of Social Science

Social science can be defined as a technical study that deals with the sociocultural aspects of human existence. This means it is rooted in understanding the basics of interpersonal relationships between individual members of a particular society.

his can be narrowed down to the lifestyle, method of interaction, language of communication, religious affiliations, ideology, and even diet. One can also say that it concerns the basic element of human culture.

If you compare social sciences vs humanities, you will come to understand that the former takes on a more objective nature of study, unlike the latter, which is more on the subjective side. They are both similar in the sense that they both deal with human existence, but their difference can be seen in the manner of approach and nature.

According to official records, this study was intentionally brought into view in the early nineteenth century, and it is part of the rudiments of history as we know it today.

Main Differences Between Humanities vs Social Science

Let us take a look at the main difference between social sciences vs humanities. In the table below, you will see the variations between these two as they have to do with factors like the typical area of study, method of approach, nature, and concepts.

Basis of ComparisonHumanitiesSocial Science
DefinitionA field of study that deals with human behavior analytically with regard to factors like tradition, culture, and heritage of the society in questionA scientific study that deals with the sociocultural aspects of human existence
Study approachLogicalScientific
BranchesPhilosophy, art, literature, language, religion, and historySociology, anthropology, and psychology
NatureSubjective—dependent on some factors that may be limitedObjective—not dependent on some factors and encourages an abstract approach
EmphasisUnderstanding specific events and occurrencesBehavioral patterns
Concept of truthContingentPositivist

Difference Between Humanities and Social Science: Conclusion

From the proven records of human existence, it is obvious that there has been continuous development from the days of early humans until the present day. Scholars believe that these developments will continue into the future.

Since this is the case, the study of human existence will continue to be essential. Considering the difference between humanities and social sciences is instrumental for improved interpersonal relationships for better development. These studies remain applicable in different areas of life including law, economics, and international relations.