Difference Between Hindi and Hindu

Difference Between Hindi and Hindu

There are greater than 4000 doctrines as well as religions and more than 6000 tongues that exist. Out of these, there is a doctrine or religion followed by the Indians, which is known as Hinduism. The tongue, that has many wonderful dialects and is spoken by those who follow Hinduism, is known as the Hindi tongue. People who in turn follow the religion of Hinduism, are known as Hindu. This is the major difference between Hindi and Hindu.

Many individuals ask this question that what is the difference between Hindi and Hindu. Apart from the above, there is another fascinating fact which is, not every Hindu has their mother tongue as Hindi and not every person who speaks Hindi is a Hindu. Confusing, isn’t it? This is another difference between Hindu and Hindi.

Doctrines and tongues are entirely different yet are somehow connected to one another. No one up until now has been able to determine if religion came from language or did tongue come from religion. All we know that both these entities complement each other.

Definition of Hindi

Hindi is the speech that is spoken by above 40,00,000 men and women in India as well as by greater than 100 million individuals worldwide. The influence of this tongue comes from Sanskrit and is written in Devanagari script.

The proper definition of Hindi is the tongue that is originally used by the natives of India. Amongst other Hindi speaking nations, South Africa, Mauritius, Nepal, and Fiji are on top to use this tongue. Although the English tongue is majorly used officially in India too. We can conclude that Hindi is the mother tongue of more than 50% of people in India.

Definition of Hindu

Hindu is a representation of that sect of individuals who follow the religion of Hinduism. Hinduism is known to be one of the most ancient religions in the world. A fascinating fact about this doctrine is that, to date, the founder of this sect, is unknown.

The definition of Hindu relates to individuals who follow Hinduism. Apart from India, we have Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Indonesia as the top 4 countries where people practice this doctrine. Just like Hindi has different dialects, Hindu’s follow certain duties like being honest, non-violence, being patient, maintaining self-control, and many others.

Just like many doctrines define the base of many other religions in the world, the above are some practices that the natives of India as well as followers of Hinduism follow. There are many other amazing facts about Hinduism because of the fact that it is really ancient and is practiced by a vast number of the individuals in the nation that ranks 3rd in terms of economy amongst the countries of the world.

Hindi vs Hindu Comparison Table

Basis of ComparisonHindiHindu
TypeThis is a languageThis is a set of people
DefinitionThe speech spoken by the Hindu’sIndividuals who follow the religion of Hinduism
FeaturesHas many dialectsHas many doctrines
Major countries apart from IndiaHindi is majorly spoken in South Africa, Mauritius, Nepal, and FijiHindu’s are found in Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Indonesia

Conclusion of the Main Difference Between Hindi vs Hindu

To conclude this topic, we can now depict the important dissimilarity between the two terms. Hindi is a language or a tongue that is spoken majorly by the people in India. Hindu are those people who follow Hinduism as their religion. This is what the main difference is between Hindi vs Hindu. These terms are also related because Hindi is the speech spoken by the Hindu’s.