Difference Between Grant and Scholarship

Difference Between Grant and Scholarship

We always take the English language for granted. We often make mistakes in knowing the language. There are small changes in the way words are spelt and this makes the meaning very different. We do not take note and make mistakes in using these terms in our day to day speaking and using these words. We have been dealing with such pair of terms only to ensure they are being used in the correct sense.

We have been making a mistake in knowing what is the difference between a scholarship and a grant. These terms have very different meaning. We, however, take into consideration that they mean the same and use them in our work in the same way. Little do we know that we are using the terms in the wrong sense and should correct ourselves. In this article, we will get to know what is the difference between a grant and a scholarship.

Definition of Grant

As we discuss the difference between a grant and a scholarship, we will now know about grant. It is awarded to any person or any entity who needs it. We always hear that the government has provided some grant to any education institution or any non-government organisation. Similarly, grants can also be provided to businesses; mainly the small and medium scale industries to scale up their business.

We also know that the government from time to time may provide a subsidy in good and services to people. There can be removal of duties from some objects. We can say that the authorities are providing some grant. There are other areas where grant can be given; like, any natural calamity or scientists doing some research.

We also need to know that grants that are provided require the people receiving it to work in a specific process that is finalized before the grant is forwarded. There have been projects where the grant had to be returned as the tasks were not done as required.

Definition of Scholarship

We know one part about difference between scholarship and grant. Now, scholarships are awarded to students across different stages of their education. Though they are mainly merit-based, there can be some areas where it can be provided on a need basis also.

However, it is provided to students only as a financial support during their education. While it can be provided to school students; it can also be provided for master’s and doctoral programmes also. It is offered by governments, philanthropic organisations and businesses.

We also need to know that the students have to keep a specific score to ensure that the scholarship continues. This is for the merit based scholarships. It can also be provided to athletes who have done exceptionally well.

Grant vs Scholarship Comparison Table

Let us discuss the difference between grant and scholarship in a tabular form.

Basis of Comparison Grant Scholarship
What it means Offered by the government to any person or entity for any concerned activity Offered to students for their academic interest
Activities related You need to undertake some activities finalized before approving of the grant Not required
Performance related Anyone needs to stick to guidelines discussed Students need to ensure they are above required grades for the allowance to continue
Provided to An entity Students
Reason For a required activity Studies
What it is based on Decided upon requirement It can be based on need or merit

Conclusion of the Main Difference Between Grant vs Scholarship

We have now gone through the variance between these two terms. We now know that grants are provided to an entity to do a preset sequence of activities for reaching some objective. The scholarships are allocated to students for their studies. While the entities receiving the grant has to work on a plan; the students have to keep their grades above the required threshold for the allowance to continue.

We now know the variance that exists between these two terms. We continuously strive to bring to you the variance in the terms. We sincerely hope that we will be able to remove the fallacies that exist and the misuse of the terms. We hope that you will now know that these terms have variance in what they mean. We will look forward to your notes and suggestions.