Difference Between Dependable vs Reliable

Difference Between Dependable vs Reliable

Knowing the difference between dependable and reliable can help save you from misunderstandings. You may use both of these words from time to time but it is important for you to answer the question “what is the difference between dependable and reliable?” The words are both from the English dictionary and they help complement each other. Both the words are formed on a positive note as the person who is concluding with these remarks is probably aware of the other person’s character.

Definition of Dependable

In the most simplest way we can put it, dependable is a human being or animal who has somehow been able to earn your trust. The definition of dependable states that anyone who is deemed virtuous by you or if you are confident in them, they are most certainly dependable.

Further extension of the situation suggests that you can ask them of any kind of work and rest easy that they will get the job done. It is in that context that the word is most commonly used for.

A dependable person can be relied upon.  

Definition of Reliable

The definition of reliable states that anyone who is trusted enough to be able to meet your expectations of a task is someone who is reliable. The task has to be completed again and again for that to take effect.

Being reliable is to be counted on and not fail to meet certain standards that the other party has made. People often use reliable in the context of someone having done quite a few trustworthy acts that makes the person believe that the other can be relied upon.

A reliable object can be depended upon.

Main Differences Between Dependable vs Reliable

Basis of ComparisonDependable Reliable
Circumstance of Use Mostly used for people Mostly used for objects or things
Meaning Anyone who is deemed trustworthy by you Anyone or anything that meets your expectations
Context Is used in the context of something that has always happened Is used in the context for anything new being done
Summary A dependable person is relied upon A reliable object can be depended on

Conclusion of the Main Difference Between Dependable vs Reliable

Both dependable and reliable can be used to depict your trust in someone to the extent that you would ask them of something and they would accept. Being dependable or reliable is a positive trait and is appreciated at the workplace, at home and with friends. Developing the trait can help make you a better person.

The differences between the two are important because often times people mistake both words to mean the same thing. That is not so and the correct use of words helps send a clear message across. Understanding dependable vs reliable will help children develop the ability to distinguish between two words that may seem similar but still have different meanings altogether. In short, it’s a great way of learning the small details of a language.