Difference Between Bar vs Pub

Difference Between Bar vs Pub

Getting wasted on alcohol all the time comes with dire complications, but consuming it in moderation comes with interesting health benefits. This is somewhat contrary to what most of us think, but the Dietary Guidelines of America begs to differ. According to them, women can have no more than one drink a day, and men can consume no more than two.

So, feel free to visit any establishment licensed to serve alcoholic beverages as often as possible if you keep your consumption on the low. Speaking of licensed establishments, a huge number of people believe that there is no difference between pub and bar, which is understandable considering that the two have a lot in common. However, they are not exactly the same.

Definition of Bar

A bar is defined as a licensed retail outlet that serves a wide variety of alcoholic drinks. It is a specialist business that is heavily invested in the alcohol industry, especially as far as distribution to customers is concerned. Anyone that wants to patronize this business is expected to show up in person and get served directly. This way, the bartender can rightfully serve adults who are of age.

Some of the pub vs bar facts that expresses the uniqueness of the latter include what is being served in the place. As far as the latter is concerned, the customers are there to drink and drink some more, not to eat. If there is any food available, it would be in the line of snacks or appetizers that go well with the drinks.

Another interesting thing about bars is their target clients. They must not be minors, but that is not enough to get just anyone access into such a place at times. It may be specially for ladies, gays, bikers, and so on. This is not a very strict rule per se and persons who are guests in such places are also catered for.

Definition of Pub

A pub is defined as a licensed establishment where alcoholic beverages and foods are sold to their customers. The term is a short form for “public house,” usually in a locality where people can relax, eat, and even access accommodations.

One bar vs pub similarity is that both places are licensed to serve alcoholic beverages to adults who are of age according to federal laws. However, the difference is seen in the variety of booze they each serve. The former is specialized in any form of drink one can think of ranging from wine and cocktails to beer. The former, on the other hand, does not have a wide range of products to serve. They mostly sell beers of different brands, wine, and cider.

Finally, one noteworthy feature of a pub is how casual and relaxing the environment is compared to a bar. A lot of people prefer to go there to spend long periods of time while waiting, working, or just chilling. This is usually not the case with bars.

Main Differences Between Bar vs Pub

So far, we have described these establishments in the simplest way possible. In addition to that, here is a summary of the key difference between bar and pub expressed in a tabular form for easier comprehension.

Basis of ComparisonBarPub
DefinitionA licensed retail outlet that serves a wide variety of alcoholic drinksA licensed establishment where alcoholic beverages and foods to their customers
Target customersMay be for a specific group of people – high class, gays, bikers, girls, etc.Usually open to anyone and serves alcohol to anyone who is of age
EnvironmentBusy with loud music, chanting, dancing, and so onMusic is usually soothing ad unobstructive. Generally calm and casual
Drinks servedA wider selection of drinksServes mostly a wide selection of beer of different brands
ClienteleMostly younger peopleMostly matures people
OwnerUsually privately ownedBrewery or publican

Difference Between Bar and Pub: Conclusion

In summary, it is pretty obvious that these two have a lot of similarities and differences at the same time judging from the much we have shared in this post. Depending on what you have in mind, you can decide to visit either of them.