Difference Between Arts vs Fine Arts

Difference Between Arts vs Fine Arts

If you’re perusing an arts major and still have confusion in making out which categorizes as arts and which categorizes as fine arts, you are one of the millions of people who don’t. The difference between art and fine art is apparent throughout history and the most recent differences between fine arts and arts have made it possible for anyone to comprehend them.

Enhancing your knowledgebase with a clear understanding of both. It can help you a lot in your career and in the way you perceive things from now on. Realizing the difference between arts and fine arts will open your mind to the wonder and mystery as well as the appreciation of the past works.

Definition of Art

Art is the human way of expressing their vulnerabilities. The definition of art is different from person to person depending on how they express who they are. However, the most known definition of art revolves around the idea that it is a person applying their creativity to create something out of nothing. As human beings, we have been gifted with the power of thought. Whatever we end up thinking about, we portray it later using our own experiences to manifest a new perception.  

Think of it like two colors mixing with one to make a brand new color. Sometimes, the end result is amazing, sometimes it’s not. You need to further refine it to make it stand out but overall, what you create has its own unique quality.

Definition of Fine Art

Fine art is where a person mostly focuses on the visual aspect of things rather than the entire domain of arts. The definition of fine arts states that any form of expression that is visually presented can fit the category. The creation of fine arts in European traditions was mostly to help beatify areas and create atmospheres. Fine art was an area that allowed to aesthetically distinguish one concept from the other.

Artists have spent decades on refining the way they present their art. They have spent quite a lot of time trying to figure out the answer to the question “what is the difference between art and fine art”. They take concepts from their daily lives and add in their inspiration and creativity to make a bold statement in the form of a fine masterpiece.

Fine art is divided into 7 different sections which includes:

  • Architecture
  • Sculpting
  • Music
  • Dancing
  • Dramatics
  • Literature
  • Painting

All of the above are a form of expression by the artist in a field where they use certain tools or body parts to inspire the overseer to think and feel.

Main Differences Between Arts vs Fine Arts

Basis of Comparison ArtsFine Arts
Category It is in general form This is a sub-category of arts as a whole
Purpose Inspired by the artist’s perception of an object Inspired to create an aesthetically pleasing object
Quick Definition An inspiration given manifestation through a person An expression that is visually presented
Viewers Perceive art differently depending on their perception Perceive fine art in the form of 7 sections

Difference Between Arts and Fine Arts: Conclusion

The difference between art and fine are is has been centuries in the making. The difference between fine arts and arts is visible but to certain people who do not study the matter, everything is a form of art. After the Renaissance, several of the artists like Rafael or Donatello built laid down foundations for future artists to work on. Each has a structure of its own and each of them is important to the overall picture of it all.

Through the creativity, we can understand ourselves better and that works in a circle. We are then able to create even better things.