Difference Between Aptitudes vs Abilities

Difference Between Aptitudes vs Abilities

Ability comes from the term ‘able’ which relates to the expertise that you already possess. The difference between aptitude and ability is quite important. Take the example below to determine what is the difference between aptitude and ability.

Humans acquire the potential to excel in a specific area of work, which denotes the aptitude of that person. Being able to do something means that the flair is already present and the being is already fully trained in it. Does this answer how are aptitudes and abilities different?

The noun ‘aptitude’ is widely used by companies in the organization of their tests to measure the potential of an individual; however, the dictionary meaning of this term is the competence of the talent or skills acquired over a period of time. Similarly, the word ability is used for parallel purposes.

Definition of Aptitudes

Aptitude is the measure of the current capability of a person’s brain. The definition of Aptitude may seem a bit confusing which is why we will explain it with examples.

Example: John had the aptitude to excel in the biochemistry test.

In the example above, we have defined that John already had the potential, so he potentially passed the test. It shows that being able to do something, depicts a high aptitude. If we write the opposite, ‘John had the ability to excel in the biochemistry test’, it does not seem correct because he should had the potential to pass a test,

Definition of Abilities

Ability is the capability and talent that an individual already possesses. The definition of ability has nothing to do with the capability that the person has because, according to the meaning of the word, the person is fully trained to perform a particular task, hence, has the flair to do it.

Example: Not everyone has the ability to sacrifice comfort for the comfort of the needy.

The above example does not have a very practical meaning of the term ability. Being able to do something does not only mean that you can fulfill a task. It also signifies that the individual possesses innate expertise as well as possession of something beyond his/her potential.

Main Differences Between Aptitudes vs Abilities

Basis of ComparisonAptitudeAbility
DefinitionPotential, that can be further improvedAlready possess the maximum knowledge, skills to do the job
EnhancementCan be enhanced via training, practice.Can be improved; however, not as much as aptitude.
MeasurementCan be measuredCannot be measured
SenseIt is used with regard to talentIt is used with regard to expertise
ApplicationPractical applicationNatural as well as practical application

Conclusion of the Main Difference Between Aptitudes vs Abilities

After reading the entire article, it is quite evident that aptitude is the capability of a person to possess a specific talent, whereas being able to be a skill that a being naturally possesses. The one similarity between these words is that both these terms are used as nouns.

Apart from this similarity, the difference is clear enough. Now we have the ability to understand the significance of aptitude vs ability, separately.